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WHEN: September 24-25, 2016
WHERE: Dublin, Ohio
FEES: U08 4v4, $400.00; U08-U10 7v7, $450.00; U10-U12 9v9, $475.00; U12-U14/15 11v11; $495.00
Application deadline was: Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016
PAY TO: Dublin United Soccer Club; 6475 Perimeter Drive #118, Dublin, OH 43016

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Dublin Ohio CVB

Discover all that Dublin has to offer from a historic past to a forward thinking city plan for tomor
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Status of Schedule
September 18, 2016
The COACHES/Admins have received the tentative schedule for review.

The schedule is in final review mode at this time. PLEASE NOTE: Review your schedules. IF I committed to timeframes, conflict resolution, etc. OR in the event you find a flat-out mistake (the U-15 Boys Middle, for example), please feel free to reply.

I will be making changes to the extent that I can late this afternoon (reffing a HS game at 2PM) and into early this evening. Once all changes have been made, I will upload and publish to the site -- BEFORE I go to sleep this evening.

More soon....
P.S. IF you have not done your electronic check-in work, now would be a GREAT TIME!!! Just sayin'!

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Thank You and.......
September 26, 2016
On behalf of The Dublin United Soccer Club, I would like to thank each and every one of the teams (a special shout out to the Dixie Athletics team who may the NINE HOUR trip from Canada!), the players, the coaches, the parents, the spectators, the referees, tournament staff, Natalie Stellini, Chuck Stephens, Adam Warner, Kevin McMahon, the City of Dublin, the Dublin Soccer League, our fine sponsors (more on some of them in my next and final note!), and everyone else who helped us put this event together!

For planning purposes, the Dublin United Champions Cup will be held on September 23rd and September 24th of 2017. We would love to see you all back!

I believe that I have updated all scores, CORRECTLY (thanks for the nudges from coaches and admins!). If there still are errors, please let me know via e-mail (ken.mcmahon.1@gmail.com) or via feedback on the site.

I am never completely pleased with the outcome of our tournament. I have already noted several improvements for next year. Look for a survey that will give everyone a chance to provide input into next year's tournament.

FINALLY, I will be sending out one last note that will contain:
1. The complete list of champions,
2. Contact information for the Tournament Apparel Company
3. Contact Information for the Photo Company
4. A tournament survey

Once again, THANK YOU for participating in the 2016 Dublin United Champions Cup!
Ken McMahon
DUSC Founder and Club Director
DUCC Tournament Director

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Bag Tags, Tournament Shirts, Pictures, Trophies and More...
September 25, 2016
A number of items for Day Two of the tournament:
1. Bag Tags are available for all teams in the Tournament Tent
2. Tournament Shirts can be found in TWO locations (by the concession stand and by the rest rooms near field #1)
3. Pictures can be purchased near the power lines
4. Trophies are awarded to all 1st/2nd place teams in all divisions
5. Obey No Parking/Tow Away Zone signs

Thank you,

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September 25, 2016
DO NOT PARK on the Darree Fields side of Houchard. YOU WILL GET A TICKET! IT IS A SAFETY ISSUE!


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Teams Who Have NOT Checked-In AND GAME SCORING NOTE!
September 24, 2016
Teams who have NOT yet checked-in MUST check-in at the TENT 30 minutes PRIOR to your first game!

Results will be recorded (as the OFFICIAL SCORE) as follows:
1. Losing team score will be recorded as their actual score
2. Winning team score will be recorded as 4 more than the losing score or the winning score whichever is lower.

For example, a 6-3 score is recorded as 6-3. A 9-4 score is recorded as 8-4 (greater than four goal differential is recorded as the losing score + 4).

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September 24, 2016
Coaches and Admins,

ONLY teams who have NOT checked in Electronically NEED TO CHECK-IN at the Tent. If you submitted your information electronically, there is NO NEED to check-in.

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Games Scheduled for Field #14 are moved to Field #19
September 24, 2016
ALL games scheduled for Field #14 are moved to Field #19!

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Irish in an attitude
September 19, 2016

Discover all that Dublin has to offer from a historic past to a forward thinking city plan for tomorrow. You will find Irish Attitude in our vibrant Historic District, the world-class events Dublin hosts like the Memorial Tournament or the Dublin Irish Festival and in the friendly hospitality of our hotels, shops and restaurants.

Irish is an attitude.

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Electronic Check-In Process -- Forms Required, etc. AND MORE!
September 08, 2016
Coaches and Team Admins,
We will be implementing an electronic team check-in process (for those looking for an excuse to have to drive to Dublin early on Friday evening, we apologize!) this year for the DUCC Tournament.

Please e-mail ALL required information for your team to: DUCC.checkinforms@gmail.com
FORMS Deadline: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st at Midnight

These are the required forms and information:
1. Approved Team Roster (league roster)
2. Medical and Liability Form (available on our site)
3. Photocopies of Player and Coach Passes
4. Guest Player Form (REMEMBER: USClub players CANNOT use a USClub player pass to guest play for a USYSA - OSYSA or otherwise -- or vice versa)
5. Permission to Travel Form (NOT required for any USClub-registered team OR OSYSA team)
6. Coach Concussion Form (ONLY required for non-Ohio teams)

If a coach has not taken the NFHS Learn/CDC Concussion Course, it can be taken (in about 30 minutes) by going to www.nfhslearn.com. The course is free.

I expect to have tentative divisions posted by SATURDAY at 11PM. We currently have 154 teams registered. Historically, we add about 10 teams (filling in brackets) over the
next few days. I can tell you, only 12% (YES, TWELVE PERCENT!) of the teams have requested to play in the upper division within their age group. Therefore, there is a good chance that NO ONE or ONE TEAM requested the upper division. Net is, that this tournament is a mid-level tournament and mid-level becomes upper and lower becomes middle for the most part.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us. Thanks.
Ken McMahon

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